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Net by Design Launches VirtualDrive Service

We are pleased to announce the launch of the NBD VirtualDrive -- an Internet-based online storage solution that you can access from your desktop just like a USB drive.  If you have a high-speed Internet connection, you can connect to it and store music, photos, documents... anything that you can put on a typical USB drive.

Consider the possibilities.... 
  • Centralized storage for all your employees without enduring the cost and maintenance of a file server;
  • Offsite backup of critical business files;
  • Accessibility via user ID and password from any computer or mobile device on the Internet, even through a web browser;
  • Restrict portions of your VirtualDrive to officers or other high-access employees;
  • Offsite centralized storage for remote contractors or employees;
  • Limitless disk space.

For the cost of a 32 GB flash drive, you can have Internet-based storage accessible from anywhere on any Internet-connected device for a year, without the risk of losing the drive, forgetting it at another location, or juggling multiple flash drives because you simply don't have enough portable space.

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