E-mail Questions or Problems

It is not the responsibility of Net by Design staff to troubleshoot e-mail failures which are due to incorrect configuration of e-mail clients, hardware/software failures of desktop, laptop and mobile devices, and loss of Internet connectivity. While our staff  is available to assist with the resolution to e-mail problems, time expended resolving failures, which are not attributed to Net by Design, Inc. equipment or software, will be billed at the rate of $75.00 per hour (1/2 hr minimum).

Configuring E-mail Programs

The most commonly used e-mail programs are Microsoft's Outlook and Outlook Express. While there are other e-mail programs available,  the required configuration data is the same or very similar.  

Click here to view a document which describes the steps required to configure e-mail applications. You may want to print a copy of this document for reference.

Following is the configuration information you will need to send e-mail and to access your e-mail box on Net-By-Design's mail server:  

User Name: your full e-mail address in lower case (e.g. jdoe@xyzcompany.com)

Password: your assigned password in lower case

POP3 Server (receiving mail server): mail.securence.com

SMTP Server (sending mail server): most commonly used is the mail server of your Internet Service Provider.  For example, smtp-server.nc.rr.com is the mail server for Time Warner's RoadRunner Service.  NOTE:  You can use mail.securence.com in most cases as well.  However, two things need to happen:  1:  Be certain to check the box that says "my outgoing server requires authentication" and use the same login information as your incoming, and 2: You may need to change the advanced setting for the SMTP port from 25 to 587.

Diagnosing E-mail Failures