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E-mail Newsletters

Without question, one of the reasons you have a web site is to obtain legitimate leads and keep in touch with your customer base.  Opt-in and opt-out newsletters are the most effective way to keep traffic coming to your web site and increase your business.

If your customer / prospect e-mail list contains more than 25 e-mail addresses, you face difficulties in sending e-mail newsletters out to these customers using a mail program, and have to risk making mistakes in securing your customers' / prospects' privacy. 

Our e-mail newsletter program allows you to keep a self-maintaining e-mail distribution list (or lists) to keep in touch with your target audience.  Features include:

  • Small-group BCC'ing (from 1 to 20 recipients per e-mail);
  • Easy message sending (requires only an e-mail client such as Outlook);
  • Automated subscribe / unsubscribe features;
  • Can support thousands of e-mail addresses per list.

No spam

Net by Design strictly opposes spam and will only allow customers to use its e-mail newsletter programs in cases where recipients have asked to receive e-mails.  These situations include:

  • Opt-in registration via web site;
  • E-mail address collection via physical storefront;
  • Current or past customer lists, either on-line or brick-and-mortar.

As such, purchased e-mail lists from e-mail clearing houses are strictly forbidden.

Contact us to find out more about our e-mail newsletter programs and how they can grow your business significantly.