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Mobile users account for 16% - 23% of all real estate web site traffic, and this number increases daily.  Reaching these customers effectively requires a well-designed mobile web site presence.  So, what do these mobile users want?   Read More...

Let's face it, it seems like mobile devices are not only prominent but gaining market share every day.  Between Android devices, the iPhone and the iPad, having a mobile friendly web site is almost a necessity.   Read More...


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Mobile Web Sites

Just "why" are mobile web sites a necessary component in your marketing plan more than ever before?

Approximately 16% - 23% of all web traffic is performed on mobile devices.

Due to the increased number of consumer use on mobile devices, including the very popular IPads and tablets, full web sites no longer satisfy today’s consumer’s expectations when using these devices.  Information is expected to be faster, easier and more user friendly without the headache and frustration of the limitations when viewing a full web site on a mobile device. 

Consumers want information at their fingertips readily available and want it to be more user friendly when retrieving information from their mobile device.  

Mobile web sites are not just resizing your current full website to fit the screen of an IPad, tablet or mobile phone, it involves fine tuning your full web site into a “mobile friendly” site that better suits these mobile devices and expectations of the consumer.

Perhaps the most important aspect of mobile web site strategy is understanding user behavior.  Individuals surfing a web site through a desktop web browser or even a tablet tend to spend more time on an given site, researching the company or its products and services.  Mobile users, however, tend to look for specific information more quickly, such as phone numbers, location, and information on specific products.  Information must load quickly, be presented in the device's native screen size, and present the most common "urgent-need" items (such as contact information).

Finally, information which is present on both a desktop and a mobile web site should be kept in sync wherever possible to eliminate data inconsistencies and added maintenance expense.  In short, the information should look and read the same in both places.

Net by Design, Inc., has full expertise in understanding the mobile user and implementing targeted mobile web sites.  Starting at just $399, these solutions are both affordable and powerful.