Anti-spam and Anti-virus E-mail Protection

Let's face it... e-mail spam, viruses and phishing are a big problem which will only get worse.  Why?  E-mail was never designed nor intended to be a secure medium, therefore it is very easy for spammers to spoof legitimate addresses. 

Anti-Spam Solutions

Spam wastes hours of end user time per week, and risks the end user deleting legitimate e-mail when browsing and deleting spam messages out of the inbox.  Our anti-spam solution blocks 97% of all incoming spam and is performed on the mail server, which means the end user never downloads the spam to their computer.  A quarantine mailbox is setup on the server to store all spam for up to 24 hours.  And, filtering rules are performed on the server -- not the client -- saving the end user time from having to configure mail rules, download new anti-spam software updates, etc.

Anti-Virus Solutions

E-mail viruses cost untold hours in lost productivity from system failures in every organization.  The more viruses that can be eliminated, the less downtime that will occur and the fewer viruses that will be re-transmitted.

Most viruses these days will infect your system and re-transmit themselves through your computer via e-mail to people that are in your address book... without your knowledge!

Our anti-virus e-mail solution blocks 99% of all e-mail viruses.  Furthermore, our solution is server-based, not client-based, which means end-users never have to worry with installing, configuring, or maintaining anti-virus programs or subscriptions (however, it is recommended that anti-virus software be installed on a computer to cover company network viruses or infections from disks or other non-email methods).  Maintenance on the anti-virus definitions are performed on the mail server across all mail users automatically and simultaneously.

Furthermore, we can help even if we do not host your e-mail.  Contact us today to find out how we can eliminate your spam and virus issues.